global_kids.jpg21st Century Skills & Technology Integration Ideas for Social Studies

3Rs * 7Cs = 21st Century Learning

3Rs= Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic
7Cs = Critical thinking and problem solving, Creativity & innovation, Collaboration teamwork & leadership, Cross-cultural understanding, Communication & media literacy, Computing & ICT literacy, Career & learning self-reliance

Link to Partnership for 21st Century Skills Social Studies Lessons & Ideas: (click the browse resources link near the bottom of the page)

National Council For the Social Studies:

Web Tools for Education (with Ideas for Social Studies Use)

  • Bit Strips--
    • Example:
    • 21st Century Skills Addressed: Creativity & Innovation, Computers/ICT (information/computers/technology), Communication, Content Knowledge, Global Literacy, Collaboration (if working in groups),
Bit Strips Cartoon on Import & Export

Tools & Sites to Utilize for Lessons that Engage Students

Social Studies Specific Tools & Resources

  • ICT Literacy Maps & P21 Resources--Link Here
  • Search Delicious or Diigo Social Bookmarking Sites: These are site that other people have bookmarked and labeled that they want to mark and return to. It is a good starting point when looking for resources (better than Google :)

Smart Board Notebook Files & Interactive Web Sites for Social Studies